Our Producers

Alberto Voerzio, La Morra (CN)
Alberto was born in 1983 in Bra and now works and lives nearby in La Morra. He gained experience with winemaking in France. The vinification is done spontaneously, without adding yeast, enzymes or activators. Vines between 10-40 years old.

Nadia Curto, La Morra Fraz. Annunziata (CN)
Nadia is from a traditional family run winery in Langhe that has been handed down from father to son for 3 generations. They have 4 hectares in the Annunziata of La Morra. No weed killers or chemical fertilizers are used, only pheromone traps to control the insect population. Fermentation is done with indigenous yeast, no filtering or fining to retain the natural texture and integrity of the wine.

Forti del Vento, Castelletto d’Orba (AL) Vinnatur cert.
A winery run by two friends, who focus mainly on Dolcetto grapes that are planted and harvested in a special soil to give perfect acidity, fruit and full body. Albarossa and Nibiö are other old local varieties found in these wines.

Ricci Carlo Daniele, Cascina San Leto, Costa Vescovato (AL)
Carlo Daniele Ricci is a third generation winemaker, making wines under the label Azienda Agricola Ricci in the town of Costa Vescovato in southeast Piedmont. Ricci works primarily with Timorasso grapes and few can rival Ricci’s natural, long skin-contact wines.

Ca’d’Gal, Santo Stefano Belbo (CN)
Alessandro and Carla, are 4th generation on the beautiful vineyards in the heart of Santo Stefano Belbo, holy hills for the Moscato grape. Over 50 years old plants, pure elegance for a wine which has no fear to challenge time, but has complexity and great soul & fineness.

Cà del Vént, Campiani di Cellatica (BS) Vinnatur cert.
For generations Cà del Vént has delivered grapes to the local collective winery, but in 1994 established themselves as a small winery experimenting with their own production. Today, they successfully run 7.5 hectares and produce 40-45000 bottles.

Davide Spillare, Gambellara (VI) Vinnatur cert.
Young and very talented ‘vigneron’, Davide, owns 3 hectares of Garganega and Merlot on volcanic soil, plus a small amount of Garganega vines planted 40+ years ago. Especially his sweet Racrei is unique.

Stana, Valdobbiadene (TV)
Less than 3000 bottles of a crispy, fruity, natural refermentation in the bottle – produced by the “Col fondo” method. No sulphites added, indigenous yeast from the grape skins, no clarification, no filtration. Vineyard between 15-40 years old.

Ernesto Cattel, Costadilà, Campea di Miane (TV)

Paraschos, San Floriano del Collio (GO)
A family-owned winery in north-east Italy, producing amazing handcrafted wines applying ancient and traditional methods, respecting nature and time. By the border of Slovenia, old plants, clay jars, open-topped vats, Ponka soil, long macerations. A very distinct signature.

Ronco Severo, Prepotto (UD)
Stefano Novello embarked upon his winemaking journey in 1998. He is a passionate, skilled, conscious and authentic ‘vignaiolo’, focused on both the vineyard and the cellar. 8 hectares, minerality, balance, millimetric macerations, local varieties. Wines that age perfectly.

Santa Caterina, Sarzana (SP)
Andrea Kihlgren owns 7,5 hectares of beautiful vineyards planted on gravelly and pebbly alluvial terraces. Vermentino grapes through his hands and vision expressed at the maximum level. Long maceration, clean, mineral. A real master winemaker. Elegant olive oil also.

Filippo Manetti, Vigne di San Lorenzo, Brisighella (RA), Øko ICEA certified
In 1998 Filippo bought a beautiful small medieval village called Campiume. Since that day, he has run everything by himself, from the winter pruning to the bottling. A real artisan of wine. He fully respects nature in the vineyard as well as in the cellar.

Andrea Bragagni, Brisighella (RA)
Since1998, Andrea has worked his 3 hectares of vineyard in great symbiosis with the terroir. Autochthon varieties, heritage of the authentic Romagna land and as little intervention as possible to let the vintage and the wine express the best of its potential.

Ca’ de Noci, Località Vendina, Quattro Castella (RE)
Organic since 1993. Zero sulphites, zero chemicals, no fertilizers or irrigation. 5 hectares of vineyards cultivated on autochthonous grape varieties. Nocino, Saba and vinegar production.

Mariotti, I vini delle Sabbie, Consandolo (FE)
Mirco Mariotti has his own vineyards in the protected area, where the Po river runs into the sea. Sandy soil and very old plants. Focused on the promotion of the territorial grapes, like Fortana, Malvasia and Trebbiano. He loves making wine that is refermented in the bottle.

Emilio Falcione, La Busattina, San Martino sul Fiora (GR) Demeter
Emilio has run 5 hectares of organic vineyard in biodynamic farming practices since 1990. Located between Monte Amiata and Argentario, surrounded by dense forests, a perfect barrier against the cold wind blowing from the north. Demeter certified.

Ranchelle, Roccalbegna (GR)
Christoph owns around 3 hectares, between 60 y old and new vineyards. All planted on old Maremma varieties like Procanico, Clairette, Riminese, Verdello, Nocchianese, Alicante, Trebbiano, Ciliegiolo, Aleatico, Mammolo and Buonamico. Super pure expression of this land.

Ca’ Liptra, Cupramontana (AN)
5 hectares, divided between vineyard and olive grove. The vineyard, 2,5 hectares per 5 cru located at different heights, different exposition and soil. 40-year-old Verdicchio, Trebbiano, Sangiovese and Montepulciano at their best territorial expression.

Il Vinco, Lago di Bolsena, Montefiascone (VT)
3 friends, 1 grape and 1 terroir. This is Il Vinco. 1,7 hectares part still on Piede Franco located on the beautiful Lake Bolsena. Volcanic soil, no more than 5000 bottles. Real “Vin de garage”.

Cantina Giardino, Ariano Irpino (AV)
Cantina Giardino is one of the legendary names in natural Italian wines. Very old vineyard, cultivated super naturally, only autoctone grapes, vinified with a volatile touch. Clay jars, cherry, chestnut, mulberry and acacia wood barrels.

L’Acino, San Marco Argentano (CS)
Founded in 2006, L’Acino is a communal effort to express the underestimated possibilities of Calabrian terroir. Magliocco, Mantonico, Greco nero, Guarnaccia and other autochthon varieties, most of it in Franc de Pied, at 650 meters’ elevation.

Carlo Deperu, Deperu Holler, Perfugas (SS)

Columbu, Bosa (OR)
An ancient and noble knowledge of how to create an elegant oxidative wine. Flor, chestnut old barrels, potential ageing time: Forever. A charming wine to pair with food or to enjoy comfortably seated on a couch, chatting with friends.

Barraco, Marsala (TP)  Øko BioAgricert
Based in Marsala, Western part of Sicily, Nino founded his own winery in 2004. 7 hectares, around 15000 bottles of total production, focused on indigenous varieties from the region. Nino is one of the most respected and highly considered winemakers in Italy. And we know why!

Longarico, Alcamo (TP)
Two cousins and and a winemaker (the skilled Alessandro Viola), fully in love with their territory and its local varieties Catarratto & Nerello Cappuccio. Wines with great personality and soul. Soon a mountain Syrah will be ready.

Enò-trio, Randazzo (CT)
The vineyards are extended on the slopes of Etna, specifically in the North side, a territory that goes from Randazzo to Bronte through Maletto, covering an area of about three hectares on three lands which goes from an altitude of 650 and 1100 meters above sea level. “the wine is produced in the vineyard not in the cellar”…This is Nunzio’s philosophy.

Gualco Distilleria, Silvano d’Orba (AL)
The history of the Distilleria Gualco begins back in 1870. They handcraft grappa, using a Piedmontese “bain marie” pot still alembic, made long years ago by a local craftsman.Only local varieties grape skins, talent and passion. A piece of Piedmontese heritage.

DiBaldo Spirits, Montebello di Poggio Torriana (RI)
Thousands of tinctures, extracts, essential oils, alcohols, perfumed waters, medicinal herbs and spices catalogued in hundreds of jars, vases and bottles of all forms. No Artificial colors, no caramel, only time and talent. Something really magic and unique.